Face Essentials BOX

Face Essentials BOX

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Cleanse, scrub, moisturize, nourish and heal your skin with all 4 NISKAMA face cosmetics packed in the box.

I am giving you option to add the Microfibre Face Cloth and jade Gua Sha for ultimate skin treatment.


  • What's in the BOX?

    1. 2in1 Face Cleansing Mousse and Make Up Remover, with aloe vera and rose hydrosol, 60ml

    2. Nutrient Boost Daily Moisturiser, with sea buckthorn, green tea and olive squalane, 30ml

    3. Gentle Smoothing Face Polish, with calendula oil and hibiscus flowers, 30ml

    4. Organic Face Oil, with tamanu, wheatgerm and calendula oils, 10ml


    Optional you can add:

    Microfibre Face Cloth for washing and jade Gua Sha tool for face massage.


    Your routine

    Follow these steps with Niskama cosmetics for bright, calm and supple skin:

    1. Cleanse your skin and remove make up with 2in1 Face Cleansing Mousse. Use damp and very warm Microfibre Cloth to wipe away all the dirt and cosmetic excess.

    2. 2-3 times per week scrub your face and neck with Gentle Smoothing Face Polish to give it that extra boost of circulation and smoothness. 

    3. Use few drops of the Organic Face Oil before going to bed. Massage it onto your skin with Gua Sha tool (find tutorial on Gua Sha page). 

    4. In the morning after washing your face with water or 2in1 Face Cleansig Mousse use the rich Nutrient Boost Daily Moisturiser and enjoy all day long hydration (if the sun is out - use SPF!)