Who we are

NISKAMA skincare is based in Cornwall, by the beautiful river Gannel.​ It was founded by natural medicine lover and pharmacist, Sylwia Wojtasik. Sylwia's aim is not only to provide you with luxurious home spa products, but also encourage and help to educate about a healthy living lifestyle which incorporates: diet, exercise, traditional home treatments and remedies. Sylwia believes that it is better to prevent than cure and what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put inside your body.


Our inspirations – meet Sylwia

Hi, I'm Sylwia and I am behind all the NISKAMA natural cosmetics. I am a pharmacist from profession and a medicine formulator expert that is constantly improving skills and broadening my understanding in this field. I have completed various natural cosmetic courses as well as studied traditional Ayurvedic medicine and yoga in India. Whilst working as a pharmacist, customers were my biggest inspiration for developing gentle, natural skincare products. I strongly believe that providing healthy living advice is of primary importance for overall health as well as using plant based materials in your skincare, without the addition of harsh chemicals.



My quest is to create a brand for nature and environmentally conscious women, as the skin has abilities to absorb vast amount of chemicals that we put on ourselves every day. It is important to me that our cosmetics are made only from natural, plant oils and extracts and don't contain any harsh, skin damaging ingredients. At the moment I am proud to introduce five products in our range, that have been carefully designed to be the best quality. I believe our products have natural cleansing, moisturising and healing properties that leave your skin supple, nourished and glowing.



As for the pharmacist my primary concern is YOUR health. I will always advise you best to my abilities what is and what isn't good for your skin. All the ingredients are fully listed on each cosmetic page and if in doubt I will explain it to you. Just ask.