Oil Pulling explained in 2 minutes


One of the best techniques that I have learned while practicing Ayurveda in India was oil pulling. I still do it to this day.

It is an ancient practice where you swish edible oil around your mouth for around 10minutes.

The benefits of oil pulling:

Oral Health: Oil pulling is believed to help remove plaque from teeth, improve gum health, and boost overall oral health.

Preventing Plaque: Research suggests it could reduce plaque build up, but more studies are needed.

Whitening Teeth: While some claim it whitens teeth, no conclusive evidence supports this.

Bad Breath: Swishing with oil may help fight bad breath.

Gum Health: It seems to improve overall oral health, including gum health.

Also it trains face muscles around your mouth and jaw for natural lifting :-)

Oils used for the technique: sesame, sunflower or coconut.

Simply take a sip of the oils and swirl it around your mouth for 10minutes or longer, then spit.

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