The power of words

Words & Water   

       by Holly Kellam


Do you know that we are in the season of Water?
As we cycle around the year and move from season to season, our minds, bodies and emotions are significantly influenced by these changes. Each season has an ‘element’ and since we are in winter, the element of winter is water. In Asia, the cycles of the year have been studied for thousands of years and the observations have been compiled into what is known as the Five Element Theory.

Words and water have a very special relationship. Words affect water. Our intentions, thoughts, words, ideas and music affect water. Our human body on average is 70% water, coincidentally just like our beautiful planet, which is covered 70% by water.

And so the question is…How do you talk to yourself?

Do you bathe yourself in a stream of positive words of love, gratitude and appreciation for how you look, feel or what you have accomplished? Or maybe you are a little more like the former me from a few years ago. The first thing I heard from my inner voice upon waking was ‘you’ve already ruined the day you lazy thing’ or worse. Loser, fatty, lowlife, stupid were just a few other examples that come to mind. 

One of the hardest yoga classes I ever attended was when, at the very end of the class, the teacher told us to bow our chins to chests and smile into our hearts and say,  “I love you.” What? Ha! No way!

And then a book called “Hidden Messages in Water” by a Japanese man named Masaru Emoto dropped into my lap. He believed that our consciousness affects water. So he exposed water to various stimuli and then placed a droplet on a slide, froze it and waited to see what kind of crystal might form. He played Mozart and heavy metal to the music. He wrote words like love, I hate you, Hitler, Gandhi, etc on slips of paper and set it next to the water. He froze clean and polluted water.

The water froze into snowflake crystals or misshapen blobs based on whether the energy was positive or negative. According to quantum physics everything is vibrating energy, including us — all calibrated at different frequencies. And even more exciting, each vibration corresponds to an emotion. 


So does our inner chatter and self-talk affect us? You bet!  All the way down to the cellular level.

Water, the source of all life is what flows through our veins and plumps our tissues.

This was a game-changer for me. Seeing the pictures, intuitively I felt it all made sense, even if it hasn’t been “proven” scientifically. I succeeded at kicking the negative wake-up voice out of bed and defeated negative self-talk.

Now, I give my students at the end of class the same challenge, so why don’t you try? …Bow forehead to fingertips in front of the heart and smile an “I love you”. 

If all that happens from the ‘inside out’, imagine how wonderful it feels from the ‘outside in’.

When seeing the bigger “words and water” picture through this lens, my love of Niskama just makes sense. Sylwia’s love and passion are clearly infused into the crystal clear water she uses while creating her products. Just for fun I asked her if she listens to music while she produces her lush selection. Of course the answer was yes  — she loves chill tunes. 


Have you had an experience with words or water? We’d love to hear your story, please share in the comments below.


 *This concept of what is science, what is ‘proof’ versus what we may feel to be true is a brilliant and very deep topic that has been hotly debated by many since the dawn of western medicine. Only until very recently has yoga and even Traditional Chinese Medical practices like acupuncture been considered valid by our Western mindset and scientific point of view. Today, we live in an amazing time of East meeting West with the advent of highly  technological tools. We are seeing the convergence of ancient practices that might have been described as ‘mumbo jumbo’, now with these tools, can be measured quantitatively and have “proof”. So does that mean before the "proof” these useful practices were ineffective? No, just not able to be understood "the how" through the western lens.


Holly Kellam is a wellness coach, seasonal yoga teacher, intuitive healer and author. She walked the Camino to Santiago in Spain and wrote the book “Heart of the Butterfly ~ Walk to Wellness”. She lives in Newquay.




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