Green detox face mask

Do you know that feeling when your skin needs something extra? Perhaps you noticed few extra spots or blackheads, dry patches on your cheeks, maybe even flaking, redness and blemishes, feeling more oily in T zone than usual. Yep! It's  detox time :) 


Here is my recipe for forever best detoxing, soothing, smoothing, puryfying face mask that will turn you into Shrek at first :


  • Rhassoul clay  2tsp

  • Turmeric 1/2tsp

  • Spirulina 1/2tsp

  • Green tea extract - a pinch

  • Charcoal - a capsule or half of a crushed tablet (messy..)

  • Natural yoghurt - add until smooth consistency 

  • Honey 1/2tsp

  • Lemon juice - few drops

  • Essential oil of your choice 1 drop

Personally I love adding yoghurt as the mask won't dry out so quickly on the skin and it gives me extra calming and moisturising effect which I need (the sun dried my skin out). 


If you prefer to use water or hydrosol to mix the mask then don't leave it on the skin until fully dry. The clay will start to draw water from your skin. My option is to put it on and have sgowe, tje steam will keep it wet or kust spray some nice toner on it (I use rose water). 


When it's time to wash, massage it first for gentle exfoliate. 


And voila!  Enjoy your smooth skin.


Try to stick to the once a week routine to see the best results. I know i know... when??? 





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