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I decided to enter the awards erlier this year following the Nutrient Boost Daily Moiturizer's success in British Vogue in April 2019. Who tried this golden face cream then know it is AMAZING but I felt like just me saying it is not enough. I wanted the expert in skincare to confirm my promises. And WE WON SILVER! Right next to Tropics!


About the awards:


The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards celebrate and encourage skincare manufacturers who create cosmetics that exclude some of the allergens, fragrances and other ingredients sometimes associated with skin and health issues, ethical and environmental concerns, and which some consumers may need to or want to avoid, especially if looking for more ‘allergy friendly’ or natural cosmetics, and struggling to find suitable products.


Who are the judges?


Once entered the process, the cosmetic are sent to 14 judges that test it over months. The judges are interested in ‘free from’ awareness in terms of food allergens and other ingredients, and in manufacturers’ commitment to natural and skin-beneficial ingredients. Using testers’ feedback, they will additionally assess qualities such as originality, formulation, innovation, aesthetic appeal, value for money and many more. Very importantly, they will judge the products’ ingredient labelling for clarity, transparency and compliance — vital for any consumer with any kind of sensitivity, or seeking to avoid particular ingredients due to ethical, environmental or health concerns.


Among the judges there are beauty journalists, beauty therapists, make-up artists, cosmetic formulators, pharmacists, writers, brands consultants and beauty bloggers.


Here is what they said about Nutrient Boost Daily Moisturizer:

Overally they decided that the cream:

  •  calms redness, irritation when skin is sensitive to other ingredients

  • is perfect to use under make up

  • makes the skin appear brighter, more even, softer and dewy

  • has amazing citrussy smell

  • has interesting texture, like nothing else

  • has a good value for money as for natural cosmetic

I really liked how my skin felt immediately after I used it. It felt like it was making a difference as soon as it went on. This wasn’t necessarily visible but certainly felt like it was doing good.

The fragrance is really fresh (citrussy) and pleasant to have near your nose but the texture is a bit odd and stickier than other moisturisers. I got used to it though and after a while it felt like it was perhaps more special.

It’s fine to use with makeup and even feels like it’s acting as a good sort of base.

This is a true find for me - it is such a small jar 30ml and I assumed I would finish it in a month as I was using it day and night.  But such a small amount is required, I have only used a quarter of the jar so if I had used it on whole face only half would have been used.  So £12.50 for a 2 month supply of natural product is excellent value for money. Also it is a perfect size to take on holiday.

The side I used it on my face is smoother and dewy.

Don't stop making it and don't change a thing!

Fantastic under make up - I tried it without my make up primer and it worked just as well with my mineral powder foundation.

On a day to day basis the performance of this cream was excellent it was a lovely nourishing moisturiser that I looked forward to using each day. Previous to testing this cream my skin had reacted to something and was red, sensitive and blotchy on the cheek area. However, even on initial contact the cream soothed and comforted my inflamed skin

The website states the cream is for all skin types be it sensitive, dry, oily, mature, dehydrated or neglected. I'm all of these apart from oily and neglected and it definitely worked on all of my areas of concern. The 'what works' list on the website sites an impressive list of benefits and I fell it lives it to its claims it definitely healed my skin over the testing period and is continuing to do so

The Sea Buckthorn and Evening Primrose oil together with Olive Squalene and Green Tea extract worked wonders on my inflammation, redness, dryness and blemishes. It also promises to minimise the appearance of wrinkles this may be the case but I feel I need more time to really judge this. My wrinkles definitely didn't appear any worse.

Over the course of the month my skin tone became far more even and bright. It went from being reactive to resilient, plump and soft. I stopped worrying about my skin whilst using it. I would definitely buy and use it again.


Gorgeous subtle orangy fragrance…its lovely and really calming. Texture is like a whipped mousse, lovely fluffy and light…loved it!!


For me the complimentary colours of the purple label and yellow cream made the product stand out from the norm from the get go. Ecclesiastical purple and golden yellow are a good combo for a heavenly cream. The jar label is clear and easily readable as is the attached brown card label which details all the ingredients. This is a nice gentle way to get some vitamin c in your skin without causing a reaction. It's also very good value for money. 


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