Feed Your Skin

What an amazing talk we held last Saturday at the Yoga Garden studio in Newquay.


I am so grateful that Rebecca (nutritional therapist) talked me into this. I think that the combination of mine (skincare) and her (diet, essential oils) knowledge work super well.


We can't talk skincare if we don't take whole body into consideration. There is so many factors resposible for how our skin behaves and looks like: guts health, blood and lymph circualtion, hormones, environment or toxins in our body.

During the hour of relaxed talk we shared our ideas for detoxing the body so they can be easily applied at home everyday. Simple things but chosen consciously.


I wanted to share the power of using GUA SHA tool for face massage. I so damn amazing thing that you can do for your skin and wellbeing. It only takes 5 minutes in the evening. The key is to use it right way and this is what I explained at the end of the talk.


Thank you so much for all of you coming! It was such a pleasure to see all the incredible, positive and beautiful women we have in our community. And if you haven't tried before power balls with essential oils in them then come along for the next Feed Your Skin event. More info soon on website and social media.


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