Anti-ageing routine with NISKAMA


BECKY: "Good morning, I saw your skincare at a lovely little shop in Newquay and would love to order some. I am in my early 40s and believe I have normal skin but I'm showing signs of aging, especially around my eyes. What would you recommend please. Thanks Becky"

SYLWIA: "Hi Becky, thank you for reaching out to me! For a good anti ageing routine I would recommend daily gentle massage with Gua Sha tool. Have you tried any of my skincare before? The Daily Nutrient Boost Moisturizer has great source of vitamin C, antioxidants and omega acids - ingredients that help to fight the signs of ageing. Also keeps the skin hydration for the whole day. For an evening massage with Gua Sha I can recommend the anti aging serum that I am launching end of February with plant retinol, coenzyme Q10 and more fabulous ingredients. For now try the daily moisturizer and would love to hear how's your skin like it. Best regards, Sylwia "

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