Microfibre Face Cloth

Microfibre Face Cloth

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Super absorbing face cloth for oil or water cleansing. Best and inexpensive way to remove make-up, dirt and impurities from your skin.

For different skin types check our recommendations.


  • How to use it, step by step guidance

    It is pretty simple to use microfibre cloth but you need to remember about few key directions:

    • don't press to hard the cloth against your skin. Gentle sweeps are enough to cleanse
    • use very warm (not to hot) water to soak the cloth and create the steam that dissolves the fat build up on your skin 
    • start using the cloth once a week first and slowly increase the frequency if needed  - DRY and SENSTITIVE skins may want to stay with once-twice a week cleansing as the cloth may dry out the skin even more with emore frequent use
    • using just warm water is enough to refresh your skin in the morning (but make sure you moisturize your skin afterwards)
    • you can use the cloth with oil for evening cleanse. The OIL CLEANSING METHOD will leave the skin clean and soft without the tight feeling. This is how you do it:


    Step 1. 

    Choose your oil. Simple sweet almond oil or jojoba oil is enough. If you want to use something more complex it is ok but remember that it is only cleansing and you will be wiping it off..


    Step 2. 

    Massage your oil on dry face for one minute. This way oil will bind to excess sebum, make-up, grime, dirt that have built up over the day.


    Step 3.

    Soak your cloth under very warm water and squeeze the excess. 


    Step 4. 

    Place the warm cloth over your face and take a deep breath ;-) this feels good, right? The steam starts to make the oil more liquidy and easier to wipe off. 


    Step 5.

    Gently sweep over your face and repeat as many times as you feel like it. 


    Step 6. 

    Pat your skin dry. Use your toner and face oil or the moisturizer you are using. 


    Step 7. 

    Wash your cloth with soap and leave to dry. Replace it every few weeks.